Saturday, 21 April 2012

Learn Seo and Blogging - The Best Way.

Today I,m going to share The Free Information about free learning and earning, i collected from my struggle for making a free Blog. As you are looking for money from blog. Its really a tough job. Its Not as such easy to make money with a Blog.
It demands time. i,m not going to say its a difficult job,  but , just want to alarm about the hard work.
Some of you , who are not developers , and wants their own sites. I,ll  recommend you  to make a Blog first and then , Do work on it , and see the results there. Don't wast money on web-development  , if you are not prepared for that ,  you can do everything here , whatever you want to do.
You should try a blog at blogger or wordpress. But , Blogger is good.
Well, i told you its not a difficult  job . Now I,m going to share the most important things about Blogging.
There is only one key to make money that is "content". People use to say "content is king." , Thats True.
If you don't have your own content means you are wasting your efforts.
Now while talking about the content , make it sure you content is unique and informative so that it can attract people.
If your content is really so good , Means you can do everything here by your own.
Well , I would like to share something for those who don't have their own content , Its easy to get your own content .
First of All You have to Choose your content category . As you decided , visit the sites and blogs of that category .
Its simple to do , just google your keyword , you will find your required sites and blogs . Study them , and how they attract people . Now as creating your content , try to make it unique , strong and attractive for people.

The Second Most Important Question  is , how to utilize your content , yes "content is king" but its king when it is in best form.
Why search engines don't crawl your Blog/Site ? That is All About SEO (search engine  optimization  ).
Our Next discussion will be about SEO .
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If you have any question about the content , or if there was something missing , Kindly , feel free to comment.

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