Thursday, 17 May 2012

On-Page Optimization

On Page Optimization  

Today we will learn about the on-page optimization. On page optimization is the optimization of your pages of the site.
Few changes are required to be made. It’s not a difficult Job. It’s just to make your Site/Blog easier to the search engines for finding the stuff.
It’s quite easy to understand and work.
The main work to be do is explained below.

  1. Title tag

                        Title tags are one of the most important. We put title tags at the top.
These tags appear in the search results. It is the place where we tell search engines, what we have done.
Title tags should be relevant to the content. It may be a company name or any thing else. Always try to give title tags extremely relevant to the content. Its better if you add a keyword of your material in your title tag.
Give Title Tags to the each page, because, google optimize each page individually. Always try to add title tags which are easy to understand for search engines and visitors as well. It will shorten your efforts.
If you want to see the value of title tag just copy the title of my blog "The best free stuff is for you" past it in google , and see the results.

  1. Content

               Content is King. It’s true. You should have a quality and unique content.
If you have content that is not available yet on net. It may give fame to your Blog/Site.
So always try to add content which is unique and original. You should be conscious about your content. You can check everything about your content on
It’s the main key to success.

  1. URL

                  URL is the main thing that attracts search engines. You should never use the parameters in the Url. Search engines hates parameters in the url. While you are using $  %  & .. bla bla .. it’s not easy for visitors o remember and it’s really difficult for search engines to understand. So you should be careful about the url. The best thing is to use the keyword in the url.

  1. Spider Food

                                Spiders food is html and text. Spiders read html and text only. They can’t read flash, they don’t know about the pictures and videos, so you should be careful about it. Do you know which one is the best page for search engines to crawl? It is a simple page that includes only html and text.

      5. Site Architecture

                                  There is a big to consider here. But, our subject is to make our Blog/Site so much easy that search engines may easily crawl it.
It’s really easy to do. As we know, search engines read html and text only. So try to have maximum text and avoid java and flash. Because search engines can’t read flash and java, they don’t recognize the photos and videos. So as you use these things. You should add sufficient text with it so that people and as well as search engines may crawl it easily. For example if you are adding photo then you must should add alt text as well. The content should not be a number of clicks away from the home page. It will make difficult to find out content for visitors and search engines as well.
As your site is easy to understand, it will increase your value in crawling.

  1.  Frequently Updated Content

                                                         Updates are the most important thing. As you update daily your site, the search engines will always remember you. It will increase your ranking in search results.

  1. Start a Blog

                            As you have a site, start a blog there. It is the way an authority voice on the internet. As your blog is not spam and is useful then it will increase your ranking in search results. You would have to update it time to time, your blog should be attractive so that it will attract people.

 At Last , You should remember one thing, your Site/Blog should be for people not for search engines. Thats why you should give people first priority . You should always know, people are your visitors not the search engines, if your blog is not simple for people, they will ignore you.
If you have any question or confusion, feel free to ask, you can comment on my any post.
Good Luck. 

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