Friday, 25 May 2012

Off-page optimization

Today i,m going to share what is off-page optimization. Optimization is connection of your site/blog with others.
You should remember important things during  connecting  with others.
You should observe the page rank and type of site/blog.
Page rank is the sign of google trust. As your site page rank is high. Means that google will prefer your efforts.
You may say, off-page optimization is just advertisement of your site/blog.
As you advertise alot and on the right place, means you did your Job well.
Off-page optimization is link building. You need good backlinks.
You should care about the thing , the link you are building should be with the site of the same type as yours.
Our next topic is, different ways of building links. If you have any question about the stuff you studied yet, please leave a comment. i,ll surely try to guide you.

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